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UNA June 2024 Meeting Agenda

Every 2nd Thursday  6:30 – 8:30

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church
3431 Mt Vernon Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

1. Welcome – Introductions                                         5 min.

2. City Parks Director Pamela Galera   Q&A   40 min.

3. Fire Chief Micheal Moore or                               40 min.

Deputy Fire Chief Steve McKinster      Q&A

4. Announcements Updates:                                      5 min

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National Night Out 2018 Best Yet

University Neighborhood National Night Out 2018

The 2018 UNA Potluck and Pool Party was the best National Night Out to date.

Anna S. and her crew of lifeguards were the pinnacle of community service and good cheer. Flyers were distributed to all swim lessons parents which helped to bring a great crowd.

A generous supply of pizza from Antonious Pizza along with lots of chicken, potato salad, chips, beans, pasta and fruit salads from the neighbors made it a  healthy and tasty event.

Our UNET team, officers from both RPD and UCR were on hand hanging in the heat.

The amazing crew of lifeguards helped with the set up and clean up which was a pleasing step beyond the usual for these events.

It was  a great example of a community organized affair. Already looking forward to next year.

National Night Out 2018







Free Swim Started at 6







Sunset In the UNA

Islander Park Lifegurards







Anna and her amazing crew of lifeguards.

National Night Out 2018 Poltluck












Yummy Treats For All. Perfect for hungry swimmers.