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UNA September 2023 Meeting Agenda

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church
3431 Mt Vernon Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

1. Welcome – Introductions                                       5 min.

2. Watkins Dr Re-striping                                          15 min.

      Neighborhood Specific Plan

3. Mt Vernon / Lizard Hill                                          15 min.

4.RTRP Update                                                                15 min.

5. Utility Rate Increases                                              20 min.

6. Idea Survey: Neighborhood Yard Sale,

Permaculture / Food Forest

7.  Neighborhood Award Nominations


Neighborhood Issues & Resources

Follow Our Courts

US Covid Atlas

Riverside Neighborhood Partnership

Neighbors Better Together

Entergy Louisiana Proposes $5B Grid Resilience Plan with 10 Potential Microgrids

Louisiana Power Lines Downed by Storm Damage

A scale version of this would be very doable within RPU’s service territory. Louisiana officials are smart in that they recognize the benefits of deploying hybrid sources of generation, which buys you resiliency, flexibility and adaptability.

And again, the big win is…. we would OWN the sources of generation!

Read the story here.