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Measure L Loser 2 Redux?

Sunset Box Springs MountainsWho remembers Measure L from 2014? Who remembers Dan Bernstein​ singing “Noel, Noel” on YouTube?

 The developer, Terry Manley is threatening to come back in 2016 with the help of two opponents who fought him last year….yes, they are now part of  “Team Manley”.

 Currently 152 homes can legally be built under the current zoning. He is asking for 725 homes or approximately 5 TIMES that which is currently allowed. Last year he wanted over 1900 homes.

Can you see where this is starting to get insulting to the community?

 Allowing outside interests to set a value for our community’s assets is offensive. If it’s warehouses in the Northside, or housing in La Sierra, who says those are Riverside’s only two options?

Community members are speaking up and speaking out. There is  a new conversation about best use of our lands that includes all the environmental impacts and where our zoning protects or perverts our communities remaining open spaces.

RFSA_Logo Placeholder Riverside’s prosperity has always been tied to the community protecting our unique natural assets. Looks like we’re seeing this conversation move into even more communities faster than last time.

Maybe the idea of a robust agricultural economy that could be easily  developed by combining our ownership of water with the 19.5 million hungry consumers living within 90 miles of Riverside.. We can develop clean, sustainable businesses with real jobs if we talk more about how to best use our existing land and water resources. Housing and warehouses or food and prosperity for all? You decide.

Here’s what Dan had to say last time.

The Saga Of Prop R Measure C

La Sierra HillsFor those who don’t remember or were unaware, the reason Riverside is so fabulously endowed with natural beauty is because the citizens of Riverside have traditionally understood the advantages and appreciated the enhanced quality of life.

Here’s a short history of how we got to where we are today. Today citizens find their awareness and appreciation for Riversides hills, arroyos and agricultural spaces being called into question once again.

We are being asked to give up hundreds of acres of prime agriculture land and trade for high density housing developments. We are told that by doing so we will ‘save’ our hills forever.

If we do this, we trade away a future of a local, sustainable food based economy. Imagine an economy that grows and produces value year after year. Those values include

  • the intrinsic value of fresh, healthy food for all.
  • There are improving health outcomes as more of us enjoy easier access and
  • lower prices for the food we consume. Then there’s the
  • jobs needed. There are farmers, marketers, product development experts. There’s the hospitality dividend. More venues, more cafes,  gastro pub specialities
  • owned and staffed by local residents, students.

The question to ask here is, do we want to trade unlimited future profit potential for all the residents of Riverside for high density housing?

This question has come up over the years as differing visions for these lands have been proposed.

Once again it’s time for you to weigh in on this. This is happening on your watch.  Here’s a short saga of Prop R and Measure C

For more info visit: www.protectriverside.com

The history of residents to protect La Sierra Hills is very TELLING!
For 36 years the residents of Riverside have fought to protect our open space against developers and the city…don’t let the developer win now! FIGHT BACK with your NO vote this November (2014).

Opponents charge that the campaign to “preserve the hills” has disingenuously downplayed how much development the measure allows – up to 1,950 homes versus the current 562 homes in the 1,300 acre area. They also worry about how the proposed development would affect animals at the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area and what it would do to traffic in Riverside and Norco.


May 28, 2014 by Alicia Robinson

Please follow the updates and information on https://www.facebook.com/rrrriverside