Tense Times Between UCR Students And Residents

This little house on Riverside's Mt. Vernon Avenue  might not be so little on the inside. (Staff/BERNSTEIN)

This little house on Riverside’s Mt. Vernon Avenue might not be so little on the inside. (Staff/BERNSTEIN)

Good news: Fed up with “picking up beer cans and vomit and condoms all over (their) front yards,” UCR-area neighbors are banding together to restore order instead of feeling under siege by hordes of student renters.

Gurumantra Khalsa, chairman of the University Neighborhood Assn. (and the guy I quoted above), says neighbors held Meeting 1 last week and “are planning events through the summer leading up to National Night Out.” He says students showed up to first gathering. Not all are idiots and don’t want to be tarred with the same idiot brush.

Sketchy News: Riverside talks tough about limiting number of unrelated renters in a house (current limit: four). But in March, the city issued a permit so the OC owner of a 4-bedroom UCR-area home could partition living room into two more bedrooms. Let’s see: 4-unrelated-people rule; 6 bedrooms. I wonder if Ven-Yeh Wayne Chiou, Irvine, plans to rent to two married couples and two sets of triplets. That’d work. He didn’t call me back.

Sketchy News Update: City Hall has just told me that, within the last year, seven permits have been pulled to convert living rooms in UCR-area houses into bedrooms. More details to come.

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