Thanks To RUSD Superintendent Rick Miller

The University Neighborhood Association had the pleasure of having Superintendent of Schools Rick Miller as our guest speaker at the March meeting.

An enlightening discussion about overcoming circumstances in delivering an engaging, high quality, highly relevant educational experience was open and lively.

One of the ideas for utilizing existing school assets in the face of declining student populations in some local neighborhoods (Hyatt Elementary)  is to market each school’s unique programs and opportunities.

This is much like North High School’s Chinese language classes offered to the students and community at large.

It demonstrates the fact that we are a multi-racial society in a global conversation about opportunity, growth, and self-expression for all. Maybe there are new ways to look at “profit” other than the overly narrow reliance on money. Perhaps there’s far more profit in knowing each others dreams and possibilities than in separation and fear. This is a daily challenge for our parents, teachers and administrators.

It was reassuring to know we have committed professionals like Rick Miller and Hyatt Principal Raul Ayala leading the inquiry.

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