Thirty Miles Of Corruption Presses Forensic Audit of City Books

With the search on for a new city manager, it seems like a very sensible public request to have a full  forensic audit of exactly where we stand. And by we,  I mean the taxpayers who are on the hook and a city council accountable for how deep that hook goes.

Matrix Destroyer BotsThe limited scope of the  audit requested by former city manager Brad Hudson brings up all sorts of scary thoughts. The City of Bell comes to mind.

Moving forward with a search for a new city manager without knowing exactly where we stand is unfair to resident taxpayers and sets the stage for failure no matter who takes the job.

The city is very good at paying for expertise. There is a lot of agreement that this is one of those times. It would be money well spent.

If we’re going to have a Renaissance   or Seize Our Destiny, we’re going to have to make it happen.

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