Unversity Neighbors Sit Down With City, UCR For Next Steps On Reclaiming Quality of Life

Good morning neighbors,
We are on a roll! We have the attention of the City, the police, and the University!
There was a fantastic turnoutat the city council meeting on Tuesday and an even more fantastic turnout (70+) at the UNA (University Neighborhood Association) meeting last night!
The City has put together a task force to deal with our situation; they met with Gurumantra and me to outline their plans and listen (again) to the neighborhood’s suggestions. They sent a team to the UNA meeting last night and got an earful.
The city manager, Scott Barber, has promised a ‘zero tolerance’ commitment; the area commander, Andy Flores, is compiling a list of problem addresses; UCR is scrambling around trying to figure out ways to keep track of students.
However, the city still refuses to place a moratorium on the conversion of single family homes to ‘mini dorms’.  No one can understand why they are adamant on that point.
If you are skeptical about all this sudden attention and activity, good, because we have been down this road before.
·         June 2008 the city developed the Neighborhood Specific Plan addressing every single issue with which we are now dealing, and nothing changed.
·         Newspaper articles from 1992 were shared last night! Rosemary did the exact same thing we are now doing – 21 years ago.
So, we have to keep the heat on. We have to keep showing up at the City Council. We have to keep talking to each other.  Go to UniversityNeighborhood.net for lots of information.  Maybe you can participate in one of these events
  • ·         Planning Commission Meeting – Thursday  July 18,  9AM  (Need lots of you to go)
  • ·         Watkins Dr. Clean-up  –  Saturday  July 27, 7AM-11AM
  • ·         National Night Out  –  Tuesday   August 6, Islander Park Pool
If you know the address of a problem house send it to me or directly to Lt. Andy Flores (aflores@riversideca.gov)
You are wonderful neighbors; I’m so glad I live in the University area; I intend to fight for it!
Thank you for your commitment and your help,

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