Urban Vegetation Deters Crime

More Green? Less Mean

Green plants in urban landscapeAccording to a new study from Temple University, well maintained green spaces can decrease urban crime: Temple professor Jeremy Mennis found that areas of Philadelphia with more greenery experienced lower crime rates. The study explains that this is because of “the calming impact that vegetated landscapes may impart, thus reducing psychological precursors to violent acts.” [Phys.org]

Contrary to convention, vegetation, when well-maintained, can lower the rates of certain types of crime, such as aggravated assault, robbery and burglary, in cities, according to a Temple University study, “Does vegetation encourage or suppress urban crime? Evidence from Philadelphia, PA,” published in the journal, Landscape and Urban Planning.Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-03-urban-vegetation-deters-crime-philadelphia.html#jCp

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