Vote To Support Children’s Environmental Education

Your quick VOTE will help us acquire a possible $30,000 grant from
Harrah’s Resort Southern California  to support our children’s environmental education. .
We are one of only 20 non-profits selected by Harrah’s Corporate in the Southern California area to participate in their All-in 4 Change community grant program.
They are looking for community support and your votes will constitute 50% of the      deciding factor.  The decision deadline is July 13th.       

Look for the graphic pictured here and vote!

We ask you to please forward this email to as many people has you can asking them to vote.  We need leveraged and layers of emails to move us to the number one spot. (You’ll notice they listed Santa Rosa Conservancy….that’s us.)

 Thank you!

Harrah’s Resort Southern California is contributing to non-profit organizations in Southern California that make our community a vibrant area to live and work.  They will provide $5,000, $15,000, $30,000 grants, for a total of $50,000, to three lucky non-profits. 

Will you help us to the #1 spot with the most votes…. demonstrating to Harrah’s Corporate the importance of children’s environmmental education????

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