Watkins Curb Appeal UNA Style On Track

In a uniquely University Neighborhood style, Earth Day lives on as our first yard landscape make over continues this Saturday.

We have a dedicated group of students and neighbors joining forces to transform the side yard that faces Watkins Dr. at 228 Nisbet.

There is a final push to clear weeds and to lay down a heavy layer of mulch. We can use any gardening tools you can spare for a few hours. We especially need some hand trowels for the planter bed and some tight areas.

A little lemonade would go a long way I’m sure.

And a special call out to all of you gardeners in the neighborhood. You know who you are:

  • You’d like to see more yards looking like yours.
  • You have way more plants than you have space for.
  • You hate to put your prunings and perfectly good cuttings in green waste.
  • You’d be delighted to see some of your favorite plants on display at the garden below.

We’ll be there at 8:30 until 11:30 Saturday, May 21st.

Your invited to take a closer look at your “canvas”. What do you have to share? What would it be like to have a “neighbors for neighbors” garden?

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