Watkins Drive Clean Up A Success

Hillside-Arroyo Trash HaulThanks to all who helped make a hefty haul of trash from the hillside and arroyo along Watkins Dr.

Nothing like a fire to reveal how far some drivers can chuck a beer bottle.  It’s all better now.

Congratulations to those who volunteered for the clean up at UCR’s Botanic Gardens.  And they said it would rain!

And finally thanks to Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful for the tools, bags and safety equipment. Here’s 12 bags, 2 tires, a sheet of fiber board, a metal sign post, a gas can, 1 bag of styrofoam and a box springs.

Questions about  grading into the arroyo have not yet been answered.  Was a grading permit issued? What is the restoration plan? The grading has not only left an ugly scar on the landscape, but it’s also an invitation to dumping. Access is easy and out of sight.


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