Whatever Happened To Video Recordings Of Committee Meetings?

With an ethics panel, charter review and mayoral election ahead and a new city manager, it’s never been a better time to put some transparency in our civic affairs.

That means at the minimum, video recordings of committee meetings, made available withing 24 hours and for a Smart City, that would  look like live streaming video with interactive public participation and input.

This is not complicated technology. We can do this right now. It’s another reason to upgrade the city’s Wi-Fi network.  Bandwidth is weak. We can do better.

Without a meaningful or rewarding user experience,  our achievement – Citywide Wi-Fi – will become meaningless. The Smart City initiative as proposed in  Seizing Our Destiny should not become a joke. Transparency of civic affairs is reason enough to leverage technology for greater participation.

Anyone looking to be mayor or city manager would be wise to develop a platform for turning this into a reality within 90 days of taking office.  We’re going to need more participation not less if Riverside is to be the City of Our Dreams Now.

The upside to a transparent civic process, easy citywide access to that process and feedback from citizens and taxpayers would be:

  • A focus on what’s urgently wanted and needed most, right now for all of us
  • A way to solicit the broadest range of ideas and  workable solutions
  • A fast way to rank relevance
  • A way to utilize social networking for a greater quality of life
  • A way to make connections city wide around cooperative interests

I don’t see a downside to more of us being connected around Riverside being the City Of Our Dreams Now. Do You?

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