Worm Wisdom Workshop

Worm Wisdom Workshop
Instructed by:  Joe Milligan

Saturday, December 12, 2009
Growcology Learning Garden
3569 Crowell Ave.
Riverside, Ca 92504

Cost $20 for workshop
Note:  Registered Attendees will receive a list of materials to bring to the workshop.

Grow bigger, better, more beautiful fruits, vegetables and flowers in your garden! Growcology presents Master Composter Joe Milligan in a hands-on vermi-culture workshop.  Mr. Milligan will teach attendees how to build their own worm bin to take home.

Red-wiggler worms and their castings have proven benefits to gardens. They can instill as much as seven times as many nutrients into the soil as standard compost! They can also be used as a fertilizer and as a natural control for common garden pests.  In addition, Red Wiggler Worms will be sold at the event for $15, supplies permitting.

Joe Milligan began vermi-composting as a Master Composter over 10 years ago. He is also a Master Gardener and an avid rose grower.

More information at www.growcology.com

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