Would UNA Partner With Inland Urban Forest Council To Plant Trees?

Anyone interested in pursuing planting more trees in the neighborhood, here are some resources eager to help.
From: Cindy Blain <cblain@californiareleaf.org>
Date: July 21, 2015 at 11:17:29
Subject: Hi Nancy & Diana, LLC Meeting Room & other Community groups
Victoria Ave Riverside CA
Hi Nancy and Diana,
Nancy and I chatted last week about whether there are any other community-based organizations in the Inland Empire area that would be interested in our Leadership Workshop as well as in applying for our pass-through grants that CAL FIRE recently awarded us. We are especially interested in community groups working closely with disadvantaged communities. We see this as an opportunity to engage other community organizations in growing the Urban Forest in Southern California.
Please share with me your suggestions of strong, stable community organizations that would be interested in a tree planting program grant, so that we can invite them to the August leadership Workshop as well.
There are lots of possibilities here for various types of partnerships between community-based organizations and Urban Forest organizations… Leveraging each other strengths and various grants to enhance the urban forest in the Inland Empire.
Thanks and talk with you soon!
Cindy Blain
Executive Director
California ReLeaf
2115 J Street, Suite 213
Sacramento, CA 95816
Office: 916.497.0034

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