Party Patrol Finds The Word Is Out

Animal House's John Belushi Drinking Stepped up enforcement and educational outreach have had a dramatic effect in curbing impacts to the social fabric of the University Neighborhood.

It’s much quieter and much more like a residential neighborhood than like scenes from Animal House.

Unfortunately problems with students socializing inappropriately go with the territory for college towns.Hundreds of college aged revelers battled police in Bellingham, WA.

In Berkeely, alcohol related calls have overwhelmed the local EMT response to the point where they had to call in help from surrounding communities to help residents with medical emergencies reach hospitals.

A new product called a barf bag was invented just for situations like these. It keeps intoxicated students from spewing vomit all over the poor EMTs, ambulances and themselves.

There are those who think that these behaviors are the inevitable results that come to communities located near a college. These folks think that neighbors should expect or even accept these changes. I’d venture a guess that not a one of them would put up with this if it were happening next door to them or if they needed an ambulance ride to a hospital and there weren’t any.

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