September 2016 Meeting Agenda

Meet Your Neighborhs Sign

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

1.  Welcome – Introductions                                                                              5 min.

2.   Colleen J. Nicol, City Clerk                                                                        30 min.

3.   Council Update                                                                                            20 min.  

4.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                            10 min      

5.  UNET Report                                                                                                10 min.

6.  UNA Working Group Update                                                                      10 min.

7.  Meet Your Neighbors                                                                                  10 min.

8. Next Meeting: Thursday, October 13, 2016


What Are Your Thoughts On Downtown Parking

Downtown Riverside Parking Garage EntranceCommunity members, just a quick head’s up about a series of questions the City of Riverside will be posing to residents in the next four weeks regarding parking in the downtown area.

The first question is up and available for feedback here:

As stated in the explanatory text attached to the question, there will be new questions posted to the site each subsequent Monday – July 4, July 11 and July 18 – leading up to the next community meeting at the Convention Center from 4-5:30 p.m. on July 18.

If you could take the time to forward this email to your members so we can get their feedback, that would be greatly appreciated.

The entire listing of parking-related questions, and other questions about issues in Riverside, can be found here:

Sign-up for the mySidewalk tool being used to gather feedback is quick and easy.

Any questions about how to sign up, please go here:

Finally, I have included a flyer for the next parking meeting on July 18th if you would like to include that information in one of your upcoming eblasts.

Thank you again for being involved in our civic dialogue.

Best regards


Phil Pitchford

Communications Officer

City of Riverside


951.675.6806 (cell)

July 2016 Meeting Agenda

University Neighborhood Box Springs Mountains

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

6:30 – 8:00 p.m    The Second Thursday Of Each Month

1.  Welcome – Introductions                                                                              5 min.

2.  Announcements                                                                                             5 min.

National Night Out Tue Aug 2

Potluck, Free Swim, Islander Pool

3.  UNET Report                                                                                                10 min.  

4.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                            10 min      

5.  UCR Students Update                                                                                 10 min        

6.  UNA Working Group Update                                                                       10 min.

7.  Council Update                                                                                             30 min.

8. Next Steps Discussion .