Student Guides To Neighborhood Life

Good Neighbors

CDD 8/2013 maintain any structures on the property with a lack of exterior structure maintenance, including, but not limited to, partially destroyed or partially
GOODNEIGHBORS.UCR.EDU A Good Neighbor Guide for . Students and Permanent Residents in Riverside INSIDE PHOTOS PANEL. INTRO PANEL CONTACT INFO PANEL

Community Development Block Grant Public Meetings

Check out the link for the meeting dates in each ward.  Wed Oct. 14th is the first meeting.

This is a check off the public participation box. It’s also our chance to ask about projects different communities want funded. Make your input known. There are numerous local food, recreation, environmental and social development projects worthy of consideration.

Community Development Block Grant Public Meetings

Measure Z Community Meetings

Flushing Tax Revenue AwayThis is the only resident sponsored forum being held on this measure.
It’s Wednesday, Oct. 12. Here’s the link:

Still time to ask questions at these upcoming meetings:

Measure Z Community Meetings

The No On Measure Z Facebook page plus Dan Bernstein’s Video.

It’s a teachable moment and a good place to start asking questions at the upcoming meetings.

October 2016 Meeting Agenda

Meet Your Neighborhs Sign

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

1.  Welcome – Introductions                                                                              5 min.

2.  Council Update                                                                                           10 min.

3.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                           10 min.  

4.  Meet Your Neighbors Recap                                                                     10 min.   

5.  LoveRiverside Community Service Day Oct 22                                        5 min.

6.  UNET Report                                                                                               10 min.

6.  Measure Z Community Meetings                                                              10 min.

7.  New/Old Business                                                                                       30 min.

8.  Next Meeting: Thursday, November 10, 2016